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Hi everyone

29 May

…. I’m still trying to get ready to leave. Gosh I can’t believe I’m leaving. It’s been coming for a while now though and there’s nothing to do besides be nervous and look forward to it now, so I’ll put my best foot forward and see where we go.. I will (hopefully) write more when I have more time.

Ohhh boy..

I’d also like to make a disclaimer:

This will be my personal journal while I’m away from home, so I’ll be writing under the assumption no one is reading this, though I welcome you to follow along as I adventure through Sawth Afreeka also known as Lesotho (racist).  It will just be me talking and you’ll here all the good stuff but also the bad stuff and the sappy stuff and the sad stuff and the dumb stuff. My official Rice Beyond Traditional Borders blog is here: The posts there will obviously be slightly more formal and probably more informative, but I’ll copy them here too.


Anyway. Wish me luck. I hope I packed everything I need..