Just some mountains…

5 Jun

So it’s Monday night now… and quite a lot’s happened since I arrived. I don’t quite just want to do another fly-by of what happened and leave it at that, but we’ll see how well we can manage.

So the internet’s pretty shoddy here. Non-existent in fact. Word has it that it’s been down for the last week and half and no one really knows when (or even if) it’ll be back up. All I can do is hope I suppose. I’m currently uploading all of these posts from Ficksburg which is a city on the border of Lesotho and South Africa where there’s… ah… civilization. Hahaha.

Anyway, I managed to sneak a shower in when, on Saturday morning by work of God the water came back on and we had about two and a half days of running water!! HAPPY DAY! Haha, This afternoon the water turned off again and Andrea and I will be forced to find water for showers elsewhere. What a life, eh? Jeeeez. We’re coping though. We’re being super resourceful to limit the number of dishes we have to do for dinner. We ate straight out of the pot, haha.

Other pretty awesome stuff happened like taking walks with the whole gang with the dogs, and I got a gorgeous view of the mountains. It’s just absolutely impossible to take a picture and be able to capture how grand it is. The nights, too. Oh, it’s just gorgeous at night. The most beautiful moon you’ve ever seen on a most genuine midnight blue, speckled with little stars. Straight out of a Disney movie it is.


There’s a photo of “the gang” there. It’s Veronica (in the red) and her husband Kube (not in the picture), along with their three dogs. There’s Joyce (the small one in navy) and her husband Yair (the super tall one). There’s Deborah (next to Joyce) and HER husband Daniel (behind her) and Eustice (the black one) and his wife, with their kid. So many couples… Makes me miss mine. 😉 It’s honestly really sweet that they’re all here with their spouses and able to work at this hospital together side by side for however long they’re here. (Oh, here comes the sap) This place is really wonderful (minus the lack of internet and running water) and from what I’ve seen, it does really wonderful things for people. If there’s just one thing I wish, I wish I could do it with someone by my side. Andrea doesn’t count, she’s a giiirrrrll. But regardless it’s been great fun and I can’t complain.

This morning (Monday) we made a presentation to the doctors during their morning meeting and they seemed really happy and enthusiastic about our projects. Presentation went well, didn’t trip over my tongue and I think we at least peaked their curiosity a little bit. Still a lot of work to be done to try to get them to actually work with us on our projects or get us to work with them on the hospital though. But it’s only the first day. (Wow. I still can’t believe it’s only the first day.)

Anyhow, I want to talk about the Adventist religion (aspect of Christianity) here and how it permeates these people’s lives. It’s really an incredible thing, faith. I’ve never been a particularly religious person—the most I believe is that someone is out there turning the wheels and what happens will happen and you’re to make the best of it, and to grow from whatever the world might give you. What the world gives you is what makes you who you are, so if you want to be a good person, you probably should do good things with what’s thrown at you. Even if what’s thrown at you sucks ass. There’s really no sense in crying over spilled milk, if that be the case.

This is an Adventist hospital so everyone is pretty religious. We started that morning doctor’s meeting with HALF AN HOUR of song, prayer, reading, and discussion about the reading as it pertained to the doctors in the hospital. We opened and closed another random meeting with prayer. It’s different, a little scary, but it’s honestly a very.. hm.. positive way for these people to live their lives. Though they’re highly religious and some of the things they say are a little scary to me, in the end the lesson and mission is the same: do good, be humble.

It’s nice – these people are positive looking people, they have a strong faith in God to do right by them (as long as they do right by God, of course). I think to some extent, too, I try to have faith in the workings of the world that things will work out in the end. That things happen because the world can’t make it easy for you, otherwise you’d be skipping through life, and how interesting of a story would that be? Boring. You’d have no stories to tell at dinner parties. These people just call it God instead.

Interesting. People have a trust in the world, and they try to roll with the punches, though perhaps for slightly different reasons than I might. And the teachings that they learn… the teachings themselves are alien to me, but the take-away lesson are things that I’ve thought of before, and I think it’s nice that they’re talking about them with each other and are able to build a community around them, rather than just me thinking about what’s good and what’s bad on my secret diaries.

Alright enough of that. Have a cute picture of me so you can think about how much fun I’m having and miss me some more.



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