Twinkle twinkle little star…

14 Jun

So. Let me tell you about these goddamn stars.

It’s cold outside, chilly. And it’s dark. Like really dark. Just imagine a whole field of dark, no light from cars driving by, no light from street lights, no lights from buildings with people working overtime. It’s the darkest darkest black-blue you can imagine. Pretty much black with just a smidge of blue tossed in.

But the stars. Not just a couple above you and a shape you think is the big dipper to your right, and the moon off to your left. The stars, they’reeverywhere. Spread out your arms like you’re trying to measure you’re wingspan. From your finger tip up over your head down to your other finger tip — that’s how much sky there is. Literally nothing blocking your view of the night sky but some mountains and trees in the far off distance. And this sky is absolutely filled with the stars.

The sky’s not just speckled with stars, it’s filled with them. There are these cloudy mists hanging in the sky, like powdered sugar on that dark shirt you wore eating beignets. These mists are made of stars, accented by brighter stars sprinkled on, framing the cloudy mists. Then there are all the other stars in the sky, on top of these clouds as a second layer scattered across the entire sky. Literally a complete dome of stars above your head. Making the most gorgeous figures in the sky, like chaos, but so beautiful.

And then a falling star.
Your heart makes a wish before your head can think of a good one.

And you tear your eyes away because if you don’t, you’ll never leave, and there’re dogs barking in the dark, and you don’t want to be outside in the dark for too long.
One last peek at the entire galaxy blanketing you this chilly winter night. Then close the door into your room, crawl under four layers of covers, and wish you could say goodnight to your dumb boy… Fall asleep until your next day.


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