Weekend to Maseru

19 Jun

Went to Maseru, the capital this weekend! Took public transport there and back where they basically shove you in a little minibus and they fit as many people as they can in, collect your money and then drive off to wherever. Stayed in a little hostel which was fine, then bought some honey toffee candy (heh… ..), a pretty souvenir mug, and ate out! That was nice. Eating out. It’s funny how often I used to eat out (sooo much) and now it’s become a luxury again. Trip was fun though! Wanted to buy a cute jacket but it was expensive and the shape slightly didn’t fit me… Ah well. Maybe I’ll go back and buy it if I have left over money, haha. Now time to rest… phewph.


Dr. Oden and Dr. Richards-Kortum coming to check up on us next week. Better shape up, hahaha. Nah, we’ve got stuff to show them… though apparently they’re only going to be here for a couple hours… mmmm.. we’ll see if we pass the test. 😛


Anyhow, I’m gonna go play soccer with some orphans now! Doo doo doo…


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