27 Jun

Check out this baby! What a badass! Check out his shades made of bandaids and sanitary pads! He’s getting some phototherapy treatment ’cause he was all jaundice’ed. He wasn’t as excited about it as we were. :/


But he’s all better now because our bililights were actually really effective! He got discharged in three days, whereas the old phototherapy lights that we replaced usually took about a week to two weeks to break down the jaundice. We’re pretty modest awesome, eh? No, but in all honesty, it was really rewarding to be able to report that back to Dr. Oden and Dr. Richards-Kortum when they came to visit. Look at him all happy and not screaming bloody murder anymore. 🙂

But yeah, Andrea and I have been working a lot with these babies and we go hang out with them even when we don’t actually have anything to do in there… But. I mean… who doesn’t love babies?


Also we should go ahead and add washing machines to the list of really really awesome things that the civilized world has. Like WOW! All my clothes are clean! And.. all I did was give it some some and push some buttons and.. magic! Technology these days.


… I’ll write a more legit post at some point. We’ve actually done a lot and I have some really interesting stories to tell. I’m just becoming an old lady and feeling tired/sleepy at 9pm.. I miss college where you stay up until 3am no problems, haha.


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