Just a little reflection

16 Jul

So today’s the end of Tuesday. And there’s only a week and a half left now. That’s.. really… impressive. The time has really flown by. It always though though I guess.

We have two weeks… then we’re going to Cape Town to finish off our trip to Africa.

I’m in AFRICA. Like. Wow. What a stereotypical thing to do. Come to Africa and work in the hospital for a summer.

I’d like to think the things that we’ve done here are a little less than typical though. Usually people shadow doctors, or pretend to be med-students. We came with some technologies and wanted to try to show people how they could improve their patient care quality. How to help save just a few lives here and there that currently might be lost and chalked up to, “well it happens sometimes.” That’s good right?

It’s still pretty insane. I’ve learned about a culture I’ve never encountered before. I’ve learned how to do things I’ve never thought about before. My standards have changed, and my priorities have shifted.

This is starting to sound like a college essay, haha. It’s all true though, I think. It’ll be more true when I go back home and I’m hit by the onslaught of things that I’ve forgotten about living in a place like Africa.

You learn that you can live on so so so much less. You can live comfortably with so much less. I mean it’s not comfortable, but it’s not unbearable at all. You learn to appreciate the fact that you’ve got a bed, with warm blankets to sleep in at night. Things like cheese and milk become a luxury. Dusty things don’t seem dirty, just a little bit of nature on your floor. Carpeted floor is rich. And you wonder what all the huff huff at home is about when things are just never good enough and you’re always eying the next best thing. Here you have what you have and you don’t have what you don’t have. It’s a good and a bad thing, but one thing’s for sure, I can honestly say that I’m glad I came.

Africa. Damn.


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