I’m working I swear: Part 3

23 Jul

Mm.. so our time here is wrapping up now. It’s really pretty impressive how time goes by. Even though the one thing people constantly tell you is that [insert life event] is going to go by before you know it. And you try to take it to heart but you really don’t understand until said life event actually -has- flown by without you noticing. This last week, Andrea and I basically ran around the hospital tying up as many loose ends as possible while still working on community outreach with Asha.

Anyway, I promised to write about some of the things I’ve been up to in the hospital.

With the technologies, it’s been the same-old-same-old. Discussing with nurses about how they enjoy using the technologies, if they find anything irritating with the technologies, or if they’ve thought of any extra features they’d rather have. For the most part, the nurses don’t have much to say about the technologies we’ve given them besides that they’re beginning to integrate them into their routines. Which is great, but simultaneously unhelpful for improvement, haha. There are, however, several nurses who are diamonds in the rough and have a lot to say about either their ward, the hospital, or the issues that our technologies are targetted toward. They’re clearly the most helpful and they’re the nurses we’ve obviously ended up befriending. I will definitely miss a good number of the ladies here and I wish them all the best in their future~ ❤

Actually, to the suggestion a senior pediatric nurse, we've actually worked with maintenance to create two wall mounts for the phototherapy lights we've given the ward. It was like pulling teeth but we finally got the maintenance guys to drill a couple holes, and now peads has a place to put hang their lights for any jaundice patients!


Another thing we’ve been up to is testing Breath Alert and IV DRIP, Andrea’s and my devices. Andrea (finally) got her technology up and running again and hooked it onto several pre-mature infants to check breathing sensitivity along with whether the vibration motor was enough to wake up a child from apnea.


Similarly, I also (finally) got to hook up IV DRIP on a patient! The entire time I was just reveling at the fact I was even allowed to do that… I’d never even dare to ask if I were in the States, haha. Adrenaline pumping through my body, just praying that the stupid little mousetrap would go off… any.. time.. now.. …. ..


But! The good news is that it works like we thought it would! With all the same flaws we already knew about, haha. But haha, if only you guys could’ve seen the relief on my face when that counterweight fell. Could’ve died happy right there next to the TB patient. There’s still a few kinks we’ll need to sort out but if fortune has it, our team will be able to continue working on the project in the coming year.

Also Andrea and I did a fun photoshoot with a baby! Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately I guess) there was only one patient in the peads ward and he didn’t need an IV line.. heh. So.. we may or may not have staged these photos, but they’re still pretty good if I do say so myself. 😉 And I got to discuss some good info about the device with a couple more nurses who seemed to really appreciate the targetted issue.


The other major thing that we’ve been doing is being SPIES! Kidding, we’ve been doing a syringe use safety report going around the the different wards observing syringe use and interviewing nurses of different statuses. That took about a week.. and.. well I don’t have any pictures because the point was that we were supposed to be on the covert side, haha.

Anyhow, I think that about wraps up the very very brief update about our work in the hospital! Had a fantastic weekend going to Malealea Lodge where we went hiking and pony trekking and ate amazing food and played pool and did some other fun…. extracurricular activities. We had two gooooood nights, each in their own way. 😀


One Response to “I’m working I swear: Part 3”

  1. Kay Rodriguez July 23, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    Melissa! You are doing some awesome work and I can’t believe I just now stumbled upon your blog. Glad to see you’ve had such a productive and world-changing summer! 🙂


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